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AH Francis Semi Permanent Lashes

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After completing an extensive training course, months of practise and case studies AH Francis have awarded me with their prestigious diploma.  I am now a Lashpreneur!!

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 Your eyes are the window to your soul and the central feature on your face. So why not adorn them with a set of lashes?  A H Francis have introduced perfect, long-lasting, lightweight and natural looking lash extensions which will give all women an enviable flutter.

                                                                   AHFrancis Copyright  Many different                                                                                          looks and styles are available, the choice is yours.


 Price Guide

The Audrey Hepburn Sweep.....

Typically 5-10 lashes applied to outer edge of eyelid  from £20

This effect takes approx 30-45 min


The Eye Opener......

Mid length lashes applied to the eyelid enhancing your lashes but keeping it natural from £35

Takes approx 60 min


The Full Effect Flutter.....

Long lashes applied to outer and middle of eyelid with shorter to inner edge.  A more dramatic effect.  The best that can be achieved with these amazing lashes.

This effect takes 60 - 90 mins  from £50

All lash treatments require a lash and patch test at least 24hrs before treatment can take place.

If your natural lashes are of a lighter shade you may require a tint first. This also needs to take place the day before applying your new lashes

A brow tint, shape and groom will complete your new look a special price of £15 added to the lash treatment 

To keep your lashes looking amazing the above lash treatments require infills every 2 weeks, some that are growing out might need removing, this must be done professionally

Infills are from £20 depending on amount needed.

All the options available to you will be discussed at your consultation.

ALSO AVAILABLE for those in a rush our Express Lashes 

AH Francis Individual lashes and cluster lashes available takes approx 30 min      

Price £35 per set of individual lashes           £20 per set of cluster lashes 

Lashes are placed on top of your own lashes with no need to seperate them individually, giving a quick full effect for those in a hurry.

Call the salon on 01237 477011 to book your consultation and discuss your options

AH Francis

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