Help for Nail Biters

Help is at hand

You are not alone

Do you hide your hands away?

Ashamed of your nails and cuticles?

Would you love to have Beautiful Looking Hands and Nails ?

Well Now You Can.........................................

10 Easy Steps to Strong Beautiful Nails

  • Step 1: (The Hardest one)  Call in, Text, phone or email me for a FREE consultation. I see nail biters every week so please do not feel embarrassed.
  • Step 2:  During the consultation we will discuss the options open to you and decide on the treatment which suits you. You will be made to feel very welcome in my salon and will not be forced into any treatment that you do not feel happy with. 
  • Step 3: An appointment will be made for you to have a pre-manicure. Instantly you will see an improvement in the look of your nails.
  • Step 4: I will apply a Shellac 14 day polish over 50 colours available very durable and non evasive a good protectection for your nails and will allow them to grow naturally
  • Step 5: I will be with you every step of the way, replacing broken nails as and when needed and support while you continue in your quest to break the nibbling habit.
  • Step 6: After 2 weeks return to salon and have the shellac soaked off you will be able to see just how long your nails have grown and how well you have been doing.
  • Step 7: Re apply the Shellac after a manicure and shape the nails to your taste
  • Step 8: Continue to visit every 2-3 weeks for removal and replace of shellac
  • Step 9: After your 2nd visit you will be amazed at just how long your nails have grown....naturally....with no evasive acrylics.


The finished nails


I am very passionate about nails, and would like everyone to have the chance to have  beautiful hands and nails.  I myself am a nail biter and could not manage without the help of Shellac. When your nails look good you feel good,  it is a real confidence booster. 

I have friendly ear waiting to listen.  It wont cost you anything for a chat, so what have you got to lose?

Please be advised that a short consultation is required to assertain your general health and wellbeing before any treatments can take place.

Some medications can affect the nails and could cause problems with lifting, so I aim to make sure you have the correct nails applied,but be assured there is a system to suit everyone.

A consultation and client record are required by the Insurance Company and Associated Beauty Therapists Code of Good Practice.

I have a private room for this if you prefer.