Bespoke & Discreet Beauty Service


Warm & Hot Waxing & Sugaring

Facial areas ~ Legs ~ Arms ~ Under Arms ~ Bikini ~ Brow shaping

Wax and sugaring is a semi-permanent removal of un-wanted hair

Can last up to 8 weeks. If performed professionally should not be painful, just a little discomfort

Ideal to shape eyebrows.  Holiday & Bridal Preparation. Helps to control facial hair. 

Discounts if booking a treatment for more than one area.

 For Clients with Heat Sensitive Skin, Delicate skin types or Ingown Hair problems, Sugaring can be used.  It can also be used on shorter hair as short as 2mm and tends to remove hair for longer, although all clients have different growth rates.  

Ideally regular waxing or sugaring will ensure a slower growth over time.

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Close up of woman getting waxing armpit by beautician in a beauty salon